1314OM FAQ

1314OM - How to register for OM account? 如何登记 OM账号?

Frequently Asked Questions

STEP 1 – Select your preferred product/service

STEP 2 – Click Quantity

STEP 3 – Click Buy Now

STEP 4 – Fill up preferred mailing address + contact person + contact number – Verify + Click Confirm

STEP 5 – Congratulations! Successful Order processed!

You can search by Category


You can search by OM recommendations – Bestseller | Trending | Healthier Choice | Flash Promo +++

STEP 1 – Login with Email address + Password

STEP 2 – Click Account – Recent Orders

During shopping, please check the Delivery Details + Arrival Details

Delivery term will state clearly any delivery fees, by appointment, by collection, etc

Arrival term will state estimated time/number of days you will receive your order

Example: If your order is a coffee – dine in only, you will instantly receive the order when dining in the café.

Example: If your order is a vitamin product– Free delivery, you will receive the product based on the arrival terms and mailing address provided.

Exclusive for NOMS transactions only

You can use rewards top up NOMS from spend and earn, share and earn, learn and earn.


You can use Sales NOMS from NMOS Merchant Sales.

Select Product/Service


Click Mode of Payment – Type of NOMS

Click Confirm

1> Spend and Earn NOMS from any promotion package shopping!

2> Share + Earn NOMS - Share 1314OM products/services!

3> Learn + Earn NOMS – Attend + Participate in OM Events (offline/online seminars/courses/livestream programs )

4> View + Earn NOMS - Watch + Like OM Videos Contact the New Model Ontrepreneur NMO who introduce you to 1314OM for more details.

Contact the New Model Ontrepreneur NMO who introduce you to 1314OM for more details.

Fiat currency payment option is not available.

All transactions in 1314OM is done with NOMS.

NOMS is not for sale. 1314OM platform is developed to ensure productive ecosystem for all ontrepreneurs . NOMS are rewarded for good actions in promoting quality OM – Opportunities (Crisis proof, Future proof solutions to solve problems) Matching, Ontrepreneurs (Online Entrepreneurs) Making, Original (healthy natural) Me!

Please refer to individual NMOS merchant delivery service.

1. By collection at physical store

2. By Delivery to preferred mailing address in X Days

Please refer to individual NMOS merchant delivery service.


1. Free - By collection/consumption at physical store

2. Free – For Delivery of any item above 100 NOMS per address

For Singapore local delivery – there are no additional taxes or duties except delivery fee stated by merchant

For international shipment – There are additional import tax per country ( There are free trade zone and incentives will be informed accordingly )

Yes. Only for registered Members/ Ontrepreneurs

3 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Click REGISTER – fill up all details

Step 2 – An verification Email will be sent to your email address filled. Click the verification link.

Step 3 – Congratulations! You are all ready to experience and shop on 1314OM!

MEMBER Account:

NM New Member/ NMO New Model Ontrepreneur


3NMOS/ 5NMOS ( listing + advert + digital media features + videos productions)

*Check out latest promotion, merchant package benefits and terms.

OPTION 1 : Make an appointment with NMO (who introduced you 1314OM) for a Merchant preview session with 1314OM management team.

OPTION 2: Email to [email protected] your business profile + shortlisted products/services + % discount specially for OM members

Yes. Only for registered NMOS who qualify the criteria.

STEP 1 – Register with your Business Profile and details . If you Qualify the Selection Criteria you will be informed by text/email.

STEP 2 – Select the NMOS products package OR NMOS Media package you prefer

STEP 3 – Make payment and register with corporate email. ( Please select your manager/cashier/representative in charge of the merchant login account)

STEP 4 – Congrats! Your 1314OM account will be upgraded to Business Merchant account. You are ready to do listings and start marketing!

1) Top Quality

2) USP Unique Selling Proposition that can offer better value then competitors

3) You are the Owner/Authorised Distributor

4) Future Proof- Long Term

5) Crisis Proof

6) Able to provide 30-50% margin

The fee is deducted from your Total Sales on 1314om platform.

10% of Sales - 1314OM

10% of Sales - shared with all Ontreprenuers who referred the Merchant

10% - 30% of Sales - Discount for OM / spend and earn NOM

Every Calendar Week Monday 313pm Accounts department will process all merchant withdrawal.

NOM from sales will be accounted to SGD at % ratio according to merchant product/services listing terms.

Yes as Ontrepreneur you can. We welcome all business to list as long as they fulfil the qualifying criteria standards.

Ontrepreneur who uphold marketing roles and responsibilities can profit 5-10% of the total sales of referred merchant.